NucleusBot GUI

The Ultimate All-In-One Control Tool

Make the stream yours, take control.

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Primary Features

Fully Integrated Chats

No longer must you rely on obscure chat configurations to merge all your chats and platforms into one place.

Merge multiple chats into one inline window for easy reading.

Custom Buttons

Custom design your own buttons to trigger actions of your choosing! Send preconfigured messages, start and end minigames, or trigger events!


All of your alerts are built right in. See when you get followers, subscribers, hosts, and more.

Alerts aren't limited only to the streaming platform, also receive notifications from your third party subscriptions such as Patreon or Gamewisp.


For too long we've dealt with interfaces that are an outright eyesore.

Well, we're fixing that, and we're doing it right! No longer are all of your options simply dumped on your screen.

Every setting is tucked away right where it should be for when you do need it.

Remote Control

How many times have you been in a high intensity match, only to realize your viewers have been watching your facecam scene this entire time!? Make this a problem of the past.

You can allow viewers to trigger remote actions, or even trigger pre-defined hotkeys.


No longer is bot GUI access restricted to the streamer. Supermoderators may be appointed access to the settings via the GUI!

Download the GUI to get started.


Customize the interface with styles to how you see fit.

Themes personalize the design of the UI. Makes parts darker or lighter, or even throw in a cool background.

Plugins extend the functionality of the GUI that isn't already there. Want to integrate the UI with your other programs? Feel free!


Sharing Themes and Plugins has never been easier. It's built right into the interface! Retrieve the things you want at the click of a button.

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